Welcome to my website. I hope you will enjoy browsing through some images of my work.

I was originally a potter, and clay remains my primary material — though my figures of the last years have enticed me to include metal and glass, as well as natural, found, and fabricated objects.

I infuse my figures with narrative identities that refer to other realities. Somewhere between the make-believe and the real, each of the pieces discover their own story, revealed by text, materials, and movement.

Please use this site as a kind of guide to "stories" that could be....

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New Orleans, LA

The New Orleans Jazz Festival's Contemporary Crafts showcase – set among blues, jazz and gospel music tents in Heritage Square, is a nationally recognized festival of alluring handcrafted items.

Contemporary Crafts now include the diverse works of hundreds of regionally and nationally acclaimed artists in multiple distinct event venues – a brilliant array of paintings, photographs, and sculptures that is certain to please your creative inquiries.